About ME!

Were so goofy!

Welcome to the MELecular kitchen!  My name is Melissa and I’m married to my amazingly talented husband, Travis, whom I live with here in sunny San Diego!  Since getting married (a little over a year ago), and moving to SoCal, I have really started to stretch my skills in the kitchen.  I’ve always loved to cook, but the limitations of a small town (Marietta, Ohio… look it up, it’s small) limited my creativity.  Now it seems my resources are almost limitless, and that opens up a lot of room for creativity in my kitchen!  I am totally self taught, with no formal training.  (Unless you count watching countless hours of the Food Network!)  You could say that every time I’m in the kitchen, aka my laboratory, I am experimenting!  And this blog is my way of sharing those experiments with you!

I have recently decided to start sharing my passion with others first hand by catering small events!  Visit the Catered Events (Contact Me) page to request more info on my small event catering services.

I am so completely passionate about the culinary arts, that my style is a little all over the place, but a few things are for sure: I love fresh ingredients, recipes made from scratch, and understanding the chemistry behind the recipes.  Check out the Technically Speaking page to learn why certain techniques make critical differences in your recipes!

Like I said before, my style is a little all over the place, borrowing techniques from several genres and styles of cooking.  So don’t be surprised if you see non traditional flavor profiles and cooking methods.  I hope you enjoy my blog and learn something new!  I hope it inspires you to not be afraid in the kitchen, and to think outside the box a little bit.  Have fun with your food and don’t take it too seriously!  You can always order take out!

Mel Taylor


2 thoughts on “About ME!

  1. Kate Brennan

    I am dehydrating cauliflower at 140 degrees that is coated in active dry yeast (bought wrong yeast)i read it dies at 140. Will it be ok to eat the cauloflower after dehydrating 8 hours?

    1. wiredagain Post author

      What was your intention when coating the cauliflower with the yeast? Was it a batter of some sort? Or was your recipe calling for nutritional yeast, maybe? Nutritional yeast flakes are a great way to season foods and are perfect just sprinkled on top of things then dehydrated. This is one of my favorite ways to do kale chips! Also, check the temperature of your dehydrator. Most of the time you can set your dehydrator for a temperature that won’t be “cooking” your foods.
      Eating dry active yeast, in the same manner, won’t be very tasty, but I suppose it wouldn’t “hurt” you either.


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